About Us

GISCOE has a wealth of experience in both the domain of government and in the use of spatial technologies. With its highly experienced professional services team and a well-equipped computing environment, Giscoe has been involved in designing and developing business process-driven enterprise systems. These systems are then integrated with technical, stores, maintenance, management and financial systems, as required. Mobile field data collection systems, utilizing leading-edge technologies, are employed to keep information dynamically updated.

Giscoe’s offerings are centred mainly around local government applications, however the company also has significant experience in provincial and national government, mineral resources, utilities (electricity, water, roads and waste), forestry and property management.

Our Vision

Giscoe's vision is to partner with its clients to produce a better future for all South Africans. The company achieves this by facilitating improved efficiencies and cost savings, in the solutions it delivers to its clients. Giscoe is committed to conducting its business in an ethical and transparent manner.

Social  Responsibility

As a company, Giscoe is committed in its determination to contribute to the economic growth and social development of South African society. The company has evolved successfully since 1989 into a mature, empowered company, under the guidance of its Managing Director Steve Hine.

In recent years Giscoe has become increasingly involved in local authority projects which improve service delivery and contribute to the financial health of these organisations. In so doing, Giscoe is impacting the lives of all stakeholders in the community.

Local authorities are often exposed to significant staff churn. Automated systems allow staff to be assimilated and become familiar with the working environment far more quickly than was previously the case. Training time is reduced and knowledge transfer takes place via the system, rather than depending on staff with years of experience.

In recent revenue enhancement projects for local authorities in the Northern Cape (Phokwane, Renosterberg, Dikatlong) and the Free State (Maluti, A-Phufung, Tokologo and Centlec), Giscoe has employed local resources for data capture and skilled them up in such a way, that they are able to go on and apply these skills elsewhere. These projects have thus contributed to job creation and skills transfer in the afore-mentioned regions.

Giscoe have been independently rated in terms of The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act No. 53 of 2003.

We are a level two contributor.

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